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Ame Comi Zatanna Cosplay by Reign-Cosplay
Ame Comi Zatanna Cosplay


Ame Comi Zatanna cosplay created and sewn by Reign Cosplay
Photo shot and magically edited by Lexa One Photographie

More shots on my FB cosplay page here:

Also checkout my Reign Cosplay blog on the app Cosplay Amibo for some behind the scenes, before and after shots and tutorials! 

Serena and Fennekin by Reign-Cosplay
Serena and Fennekin
Nothing like a little game of Pokemon X and Y. "Fennekin I choose you!" 

Cosplay sewn/made by: Reign Cosplay
Fennekin painted by: Reign Cosplay 
Photo by: Lexa One Photography 

More pics coming soon on my cosplat page! :
Friendship - Kiki and Jiji by Reign-Cosplay
Friendship - Kiki and Jiji

“Maybe I can stay and find some other nice people who will like me and accept me for who I am.” - Kiki

Photo credits go to Lexa One Photographie! <3 

Kiki Cosplay by me!

More pics on my FB cosplay page :) (Smile) 
Kiki and Tombo! by Reign-Cosplay
Kiki and Tombo!

“Just follow your heart and keep smiling.” - Kokiri

Photo credits go to Lexa One Photographie! <3 

Kiki Cosplay by me and Tombo by Phantom Cosplay!…

More pics on our cosplay pages :) 
So I'm Gonna Fly by Reign-Cosplay
So I'm Gonna Fly

Feel the wind blow through my hair, 
Feel the sun dance with the moon. 
And my feet can't stay on the ground any longer, 
With every leap of faith I feel a little stronger. 
Wanna swing from a star in the big blue sky. 
Don't wanna watch it all go by,

So I'm gonna fly.

(This is my first time doing levitation photography! Who knew a five foot ladder would come in handy for cosplay! \ =^-^=/)

Photo credits go to Lexa One Photographie! <3



RACE: Human


NATIVE LAND: The True North, Strong and Free



HP: 1500 -- LVL: 10

JOB: Cosplayer -- STR: 17

INT: 15 -- WIS: 13

DEX: 20 -- LUK: 18

DEF: 10 -- AGI: 7

SKILLS: Master @ sewing/ gluing/ improvising, can sleep in odd places, daydreaming, creating, humming, mountain trekking, planning and scheming, has a terrific family recipe for pies, used to be able to do “the worm” kind of, knows every word to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, not afraid of bugs.. except spiders…, able to lift slightly more than you’d think, gives thoughtful and creative birthday presents, PRO PS3 Gamer (+ DOS, Nintendo, super Nintendo, Sega, Nintendo 64, Wii, PS1, PS2…), drives at a safe rate of speed in snow or rain, doesn’t get weirded out by the word “moist”, walks barefoot in the outdoors

Ottawa Pop Expo December 7th

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 9, 2013, 9:18 PM

I had a great time at the Ottawa Pop Expo Saturday December 7th! My friend and I cosplayed Bane and Poison Ivy together, it was fun to see how much everyone enjoyed the costumes! And so many creative cosplayers, I had a blast ^^ I think I bought too much swag though! So many cool things, I just couldn't resist X_x! I got to meet Zee Captain, that made my day! And I got I got an autographed print *Girly Squeal* 

Next up will be Ottawa Comiccon, possible next cosplay for my friend and I: Mystique and Wolverine (TBC)! - May 9 to 11 - 2014


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